Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Illustration

I was tasked with name generation for the brand and landed on Hello Daydream. Adding the phrase ‘hello’ before ‘daydream’ implies that we are being greeted by our dreams and stepping into a new world where our dreams can come to life. The tone of the name is upbeat, whimsical and friendly.

The logo uses a romantic serif typeface with flourishes that emphasize the dreamlike quality we wanted to achieve with the brand. The logomark is a sun and moon side-by-side, the day and the dream.

The tab surrounding the sun and moon implies the shape of a digital switch on an interface, referencing how the brand gives its community the power to make a change and achieve their dreams. It’s also relevant for the brand as its primarily digital, in the form of a newsletter and social media community.

The colour palette for the brand is bright, playful and energising to stimulate inspiration and motivation, and the digital environment of the brand is ideal for hyper saturated colours. The bright blues and greens in the logo represent growth and nurturing of self and community, as the colours of water and nature. 

The freeform gradient is the visual signature of the brand and it introduces the element of magic with the addition of a creative pink. Its flowing nature reflects the flow of inspiration and creativity that hello daydream brings to its community.

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